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All Star League Series Catcher's Kit - Boys' Grade School All-Star's League Series Catcher's Kit includes head gear, leg guards, and a chest protector to keep you going strong all game long. The helmet includes an adjustable tensioning system for a secure fit, while a dual-density foam liner comfortably absorbs impact. All-Star's chest protector uses anatomical breakpoints, internal protective plates, over-the-shoulder coverage, and a five-point adjustable harness to achieve the ideal fit and protection level. Finally, the leg guards are made for ease of use and security, with VELCROŽ straps. The high-strength plastic adds durability. T-BALL: Head gear fits hat sizes 6 1/8-7 1/4 (head circumference 19.25"-22.75"); chest protector: 9.5"; leg guard: 10". AGES 7-9: Head gear fits hat sizes 6 1/4-7 (head circumference 19.25"-22"); chest protector: 13"; leg guard: 11.5". AGES 9-12: Head gear fits hat sizes 6 1/4-7 (head circumference 19.25"-22"); chest protector: 14"; leg guard: 13".

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