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Patrick Peterson
Defensive Back, Arizona

Copywriter, T. Scharfenberg

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Patrick Peterson's Guide to Being Elite

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A first-round draft pick, 2 pro seasons, 111 tackles, 9 interceptions. Want it? Here’s how you get it.


1. Practice equal-opportunity domination.
Patrick bought his first pair of Nike football cleats from Eastbay at age 12. He looked up to Deion Sanders, dreamed of a Super Bowl victory, and then hit the fields, tracks, courts, whatever. He even grabbed two high school basketball championships before his football career really took off. “Growing up, I played almost every sport: baseball, football, basketball, and ran track. I was always outside playing. Other sports helped me become a great professional football player. The conditioning of basketball, being in shape from running, the hand-eye coordination of baseball…I believe playing all the other sports helped me get to the top level.”


2. Amnesia — get it and keep it.
At some point, a receiver is going to catch a ball on you, despite your coverage. How you deal with it is the difference between success and failure. “Some corners can get a ball caught on them and go into a slump. Great corners have to forget about the play, knowing that you’re gonna win 95% of those battles, and come back with 110% the next go-round. Confidence is definitely one of the most important things to being a great corner. It separates the great corners from the ones who just want to be great.”


3. Lighten up.
Of course, Patrick’s cleats are light and low for serious on-field reasons like mobility as well as some less serious off-field reasons like the locker room razzing. “As a defensive back, we always want light shoes because we’re always running. We want to make sure we have that extra edge over our opponent. I do get my ankles taped, but DBs don’t wear the high-top cleats. Those are for the linemen and linebackers. As a defensive back, if you walk around in the locker room, you don’t want to be seen wearing high-top cleats,” he says with a laugh. For extra help getting light, Patrick is using Nike Flywire technology. “It lightens up the cleat and adds a little more flexibility and bend so you can generate power while you’re running.”


4. Get a hold on everything.
Patrick’s hands are enhanced by the Nike Vapor Fly Receiver Glove. “They’re light, durable, and fashionable as well. It’s good swag for a skill position player, and the grip is most important when you’re catching the ball. Now, these gloves have the leather coming all the way down the wrist, so you have better ball protection. When you’re tucking the ball it’s not on your wrist where it’s sweaty, it’s on the part of the glove with more grip.”


5. Pick the right gear to get the pick.
For the best chance at racking up the stats, look to other elite players and pros, including Patrick. Eastbay Field Tested will give you all of their advice to help find the perfect equipment for your level, playing style, field conditions, and more. Take it from this Field Tester: “I didn’t have that when I was in high school. I think it’s very cool that kids can find what’s right for them. It’s very smart.” Once it helps your game, pay it forward by rating and reviewing your gear to help build football’s next generation of elite.


6. Give yourself a boost.
At the end of the day, no one can do the work for you. Patrick pushes himself, telling us that his goal is to be the best pro football player in the league. “My parents always expected so much out of me, so at the end of the day, I started expecting a lot from myself as well. That’s why I set my goals so high, that’s why I strive to be the best each and every day I step on the field. I’m hungry; I’m hungry to be the best.”

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