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Kyrie Irving
Point Guard – Cleveland

Copywriter, B. Schumacher

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Kyrie Irving grew up around the game of basketball. His father Drederick, the former all-time scorer at Boston University, played professional basketball in Australia before relocating to New Jersey with two-year-old Kyrie. From that point on, a lot of hard work and a lot of 1-on-1 took place in the Irving backyard.


"I took a lot of butt whoopings from him," Kyrie said. "When I turned 16, I had been working for countless hours in the summer and winter to prepare to play him. I played him and beat him 16-0. That moment meant a lot. The preparation that went into, not so much preparing for my dad, but preparing for anybody, gave me the confidence that I could beat him. I felt like if I could beat my dad, I could beat anybody. When I finally beat him, all the hard work that I put in and all the drills that he had shown me felt like they really paid off. It was a historic moment for me."


After averaging 24.5 points, 4.5 rebounds, 6.5 assists and 1.6 steals per game as a high school senior, Irving went on to play college ball at Duke University for legendary coach Mike Krzyzewski before being selected as the number one pick in the 2011 Draft by Cleveland.


As evidence from his first couple years in the league, Kyrie Irving is a unique talent with a personality that matches his game. He has a certain elegance on the court. His style is clean and bold at the same time and he likes his shoes to be the same way.


"The Nike Hyper Rev fits who I am as a person and a basketball player. It's very stylish, but also has a simplicity about it. It offers so many different colorways and I feel like I can use those colorways to represent who I am. The bottom of the shoe is what really stands out for me. It gives me a freedom of motion on the court that I need."

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