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Kobe Bryant
Guard – Los Angeles

Copywriter, J. Sisko

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On His Own Terms

Kobe Bryant has always approached the game of basketball on his own terms. After growing up eating, sleeping, and breathing basketball, Kobe had a successful high school career at Lower Merion High School in Pennsylvania where he was recognized as the top high school basketball player in the country.


Forgoing college for the pros, Kobe was drafted 13th overall by Charlotte and then traded to Los Angeles. In his second season, he was voted a starter for the All-Star game, becoming the youngest All-Star in history at age 19. Named the league MVP in 2008, Kobe Bryant has been a cornerstone for the Los Angeles franchise for many years and has led his team to five World Championships.


When it comes to his signature shoes, Kobe always asks: "What can we do technology-wise to maximize the performance?" He says the design of the Nike Kobe 8 System is "cutting edge" with "more stability, more comfort."


His advice to a young player who dreams of making it to the big time? "Play all the time. The more you play, the better you get." But he also adds: "Have fun playing the game."

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