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    Associates continually support the success and growth of our Company, so we want to give something back to them. At Eastbay, we support our Associates through charitable donations/sponsorships, which are a very important part of every community. The Company targets its efforts on requests that help strengthen and support the various local communities in which our Associates reside. Our focus is to make a positive impact in the local Wisconsin communities that our Associates have called "home" for so many years. While we appreciate any effort to support donations and sponsorships, out-of-state requests take away from the focus on our local areas, and unfortunately may not be considered. Please submit all requests in writing, a minimum of six weeks prior to the event. Also include the organization's name, a description of the event, the event date, the estimated number of participants in the event, a contact name, address and phone number, and a description of the donation/sponsorship request.

    Contact Information:

    Donations/Sponsorship Committee
    P.O. Box 8066
    Wausau, WI 54401-8066