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Cam Newton
Quarterback - Carolina

Copywriter, B. Schumacher

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On The Rise

After three years in the league, Cam Newton remains one of the most unique combinations of speed and size at the quarterback position. He is part of a group of young, mobile quarterbacks that are reinventing the way the position is played. After a 12-4 record in 2013, the young QB has proven he knows how to win at the pro level; yet despite earning a first-round bye in the playoffs last season, Carolina lost to San Francisco – a loss that Cam is using as motivation this offseason.


“I had an opportunity to have a home-field game in the playoffs. Even though we lost, it’s something I apply to the offseason and my workout regime. That’s my carrot now. I didn’t do as well as I wanted to. I didn’t win. So, I’ve gotta get back to prove to others and myself that I belong here.”


That feeling of needing to prove something, combined with an unquenchable thirst for greatness, are qualities legends of the game often possess, but it’s the work that Cam’s doing to back it up that will determine his future.


“What motivates me to win is being the best – unanimously,” Cam says. “There are quarterbacks in this league that I know, and I want to have success similar to what they’ve had. And until I reach that point where I’m that guy that everyone talks about and everyone strives to be…let’s just say I’m not there yet. That’s what drives me. That’s my fuel. That’s the carrot I try to chase.”


In his pursuit of legendary status, Cam depends on a cleat that is almost as unique as his game.


“My cleat brings an aspect to the football game that has never been seen,” says Cam. “With the game changing, with the talent changing, with more explosive players being bigger, stronger, faster, and more elusive, my cleat gives that player comfort.”


When it comes to height and weight, Cam says his cleat is perfect for both.


“When you get low cleats, you don’t get longevity with it – that was a problem for me when I was wearing low cleats. But when you get big cleats, they’re too heavy; they weigh too much. It’s [Under Armour C1N MC] a hybrid cleat and gives that new-age player the edge they need.”


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