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Cold weather, long lines, amazing deals, and wild stories all come to mind when Black Friday is mentioned.


The infamous "day after Thanksgiving" shopping bonanza is growing larger and larger every year. Fierce competition exists amongst retailers as they all try to draw bigger crowds with more enticing doorbusters and the hottest new products. This year, many retailers are opening their doors earlier than ever before, pushing into the Thanksgiving holiday itself, all in hopes of cashing in on the mass hysteria that is Black Friday.

Black Friday's origins began in the early 1920s as retail stores, most notably in New York City, started off the holiday shopping season by hosting parades and offering shoppers lower-than-normal prices. Black Friday has taken on different meanings over the years. In the 50s, factory workers often failed to show up to work, leading to the coinage of "Black Friday". The 70s brought a change, as Black Friday was thought of more as a marketing term that signified the start of the holiday shopping season.

In the 80s, and into today, Black Friday not only signified the beginning of holiday shopping but was also the first time of the year many businesses turned a profit. Back when accounting was done by hand, red ink signified a negative number, while black ink indicated a positive amount. The sheer volume of sales on Black Friday usually gives many businesses a profit for the year.

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