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Training: KOAR Compression Technology

Eastbay Copywriter, A. Arthur | Date: 04/02/2013

Is all compression gear the same? Read this article to find out how KOAR compression sportswear could improve your performance and speed up recovery.

KOAR Compression Technology

When choosing sports shoes, clothing, and gear, you want the right look, fit, and performance features. You need products that complement your playing style, helping you be at your absolute best. And, sometimes it's difficult to understand how one product is different from another.


Introducing KOAR

New to the sports clothing industry, KOAR's products may look similar to those offered by other brands, but they claim that their gear is very different. Labeling their products as "next-generation athletic clothing," KOAR believes their high-performance compression gear does more than just keep you cool or warm — it can help you perform better and recover faster.


Different at the KOAR

Compression gear is expected to have two common benefits. One is to compress your muscles during and after physical activity, which can help reduce soreness and injury risk. And two is to provide comfort in any environment, allowing you to stay cool in the heat or warm in the cold. KOAR compression gear meets this criteria, but their experts believe KOAR compression goes a step farther by also aiding performance and speeding up recovery time.


Bio Performance Technology

All of KOAR's compression sportswear, including the KOAR 8" Compression Short, features signature Bio Performance Technology, a cured treatment that is applied to the material's surface. According to KOAR, this technology allows your body to utilize oxygen more efficiently, which can help increase your stamina. KOAR also states that Bio Performance Technology helps promote thermoregulation, which is how your body regulates temperature. To explain in more detail, the surface treatment encourages heat exchange, allowing your body to adapt to your conditions. The material provides a cooling effect in the heat and a warming effect in the cold. Whether it's a loose-fit shirt, a regular-fit shirt, like the KOAR TB300 Short-Sleeve Regular Fit T-Shirt, or a compression top, KOAR is proud to announce that Bio Performance is in effect, working with your body every step of the way.



Independent university testing conducted by KOAR in the United States and Europe examined 14 trained male and female athletes, ages 17–53, and used double-blind testing, a scientific testing method in which neither the test subjects or administrators knew who was wearing KOAR products until after they received the results. This helped ensure that the results were accurate and factual. These tests used an ergometer bicycle, a stationary fitness-testing bike used for professional cycling tests, and measured oxygen consumption, C02 production, ventilation, and heart rate. At the end of each testing stage, blood samples were taken from each test subject's fingertip using an enzymatic biosensor device, which measures L-Lactates. Other measurement instruments, including a tensiometer, an electrocardiograph, a stress electrocardiograph, and a SECA weight scale, helped measure health and fitness levels. The purpose of the testing was to determine how effective KOAR products, compared to untreated compression products, were during physical activity and recovery.



According to KOAR, those who were wearing KOAR compression sportswear, such as the KOAR TT700 Long-Sleeve Compression T-Shirt, had a 2.9% greater maximum oxygen consumption level, processed oxygen 2.6% more efficiently, and consumed 4.3% more oxygen during the workout. They also had 5% less blood lactate concentration after the workout.

*Results are an average of all subjects tested. Individual experiences may vary.


Results Explained

During athletic activity, your body often reaches what seems to be its limit. KOAR claims that their Bio Performance Technology helps you go further by increasing your maximum oxygen consumption level and processing oxygen more efficiently so that you are able to push yourself beyond that limit. When you're ready to rest, KOAR believes that Bio Performance can help you recover faster. Every time you exercise, whether it's a one-hour walk or a sweat-soaked workout, your body produces lactic acid. As lactic acid increases, your blood becomes more acidic. This causes muscle soreness, pain, and fatigue, negatively impacting your athletic performance. KOAR believes that if you wear their compression sportswear, you could decrease your blood lactate concentration by 5%; and that decrease in blood lactate could speed up recovery time.



Whether you're practicing, competing, or recovering, your focus is on your game, and you're always working to improve your performance. Your sport shoes, clothing, and gear influence how well you train, compete, and recover — which all impact your long-term athletic goals. KOAR is as passionate about those goals as you are, which is why they've developed compression sportswear designed to help you push past roadblocks and achieve your athletic dreams. Give it a try and let us know what you think.


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