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Allyson Felix, Sprinter, US

Copywriter, J. Behrens | Photographer, H. Garski and S. Adamak | Videographer, C. Wild

Date Updated on: 4-24-12

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Full Speed Ahead with World Champion US Sprinter

Driven by admiration for her older brother and a desire to meet people at a new school, World Champion US Sprinter Allyson Felix discovered her gift of speed during her freshman year of high school. Like most athletes, when it was time to get spikes, she went to Eastbay.


"Eastbay is the go-to place when you need any product, no matter the brand. It was exciting for me to get the catalog. I remember circling products and looking forward to getting them," said Allyson.


Allyson competed in spikes from Eastbay all through high school, excelling every step of the way. By her senior year, she was competing against professionals and was named "High School Athlete of the Year" by Track and Field News. "That was the point when I really started to believe in myself more and I realized I had the talent to make it a career," said Allyson.


In 2003, she began attending USC but bypassed competing in track at the college level in order to set her sights on gold in Greece — a decision she refers to as experiencing "the best of both worlds." She took home a silver medal, making her more determined to achieve future gold.


In 2005, she became the youngest sprinter to achieve gold in the 200m at the World Championships in Helsinki. In 2007, she defended her title in Osaka. Her biggest thrill came in 2008 when she achieved both silver and gold in Beijing. She also received her undergraduate degree in elementary education from USC that same year.


Her next goal? Gold in London.

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