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Nike Cortez

Expectation for running shoe design forever changed when the Nike Cortez hit the track in 1972. At that time, Oregon track coach Bill Bowerman was seeking to develop a shoe that could offer his athletes elevated performance benefits and a competitive advantage. Through trial and error, relentless dedication, and an ingenious concept came a timeless classic, the Nike Cortez running shoe.

To really understand the effect the Cortez had on the sport of running, you must travel back to the 1970s. It was a time of change and innovation. Athletes were beginning to view shoes as more than protective footwear. They were starting to realize the sneakers they wore had a direct effect on their ability to compete. Bowerman's vision and commitment to increasing athletic standards for the sport he loved were what led to the forward-thinking concept behind the design of the Cortez running shoe.

What made the Nike Cortez different from previous running shoes was its creative outsole and lightweight construction. Bowerman thought that a urethane outsole with a waffle-inspired tread pattern would deliver more traction than traditional shoes of the day. To bring this never-before-seen outsole design to life, he took his wife's waffle iron and created a plaster mold. Bowerman then paired this inventive outsole with lightweight upper materials like nylon, leather, and suede. The upper also housed four-way stretch insoles to prevent blisters and an extra-wide toe area to cater to runners with foot problems. Although it seemed a little out of the ordinary to use an everyday kitchen appliance to aid in the development of a new-age sneaker, it proved successful. In fact, it was such a success that to this day Nike continues to utilize the waffle pattern on a variety of running-inspired shoes.

The Cortez has passed the test of time. From its early days as a new-age performance running shoe to its starring role in the 1994 blockbuster sensation Forest Gump, the Cortez has always been a cherished style among sneaker collectors worldwide. Now a classic Nike icon, its streamlined silhouette and ability to take on a variety of upper materials and colors provide a premium canvas ideal for any creative make-up.

Over four decades after its creation, the Cortez' once revolutionary construction continues to deliver the same iconic look and performance features as the original; however it's taken on a new life as staple streetwear style. Now it's a shoe that allows running enthusiasts and sneaker aficionados the world over to think to the past and reminisce about the days when the Cortez was their preferred sneaker.

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