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Nike Alpha Pro

The Nike Alpha is designed for Pro athletes who need both support and speed. For that reason, the Nike Alpha Pro is offered in both a low and mid cut and with a molded or detachable plate. No matter which combination you choose, you're getting the lightweight support of Dynamic Flywire technology, locking the foot exactly where it needs to be for stability on cuts. Each also includes a wedge Phylon™ midsole that cushions the middle of the foot while allowing the forefoot to remain responsive and explosive.

The molded Nike Alpha Pro uses a TPU and Pebax® combination to hold adaptive forefoot cleats. The traction system amps up your control, especially on the edge. If you choose detachable cleats instead, you'll get a seven-stud pattern design for sharp cutting. The Alpha cleats have always been popular among players, but this new design is the lightest and most stable one yet.

Ready to get your hands on serious performance? The Nike Alpha Pro Cleat is not just available in a wide range of varsity team colors. You can also get it in a color combination that matches any team in professional football.

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