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Choosing Kid's Baseball Cleats

Kids who love baseball dream big. They dream of hitting a homerun, sliding into home plate, and winning the game. The first step to achieving those dreams is making sure they have the right footwear and the right fit for their game. First, determine what positions they might be playing and the qualities they’ll need in a baseball cleat.

Cleat Style

There are three cleat styles determined by the height of the ankle – high, mid, and low. Each of these styles has different benefits to meet a variety of needs. For example, mid- and low-cut cleats are lighter, which is an advantage to those looking to run faster.

High-cut – Top of the cleat sits above the ankle to provide extra support, especially for lateral movements.

Mid-cut – Top of the cleat is average height, cut just above the ankle. Mid-cut offers more support while still allowing the player to make quick maneuvers.

Low-cut – Top of the cleat sits just below the ankle, allowing you to make quick cuts and improve mobility.

Shoe Construction

Cleats are made from either leather or synthetic materials. When it comes to selecting the correct baseball cleat, choosing a cleat with the right upper is crucial to ensuring you have the right pair. Leather uppers are breathable, durable, and tend to be more flexible. Synthetic uppers feature strong reinforcement and additional support in the forefoot, mid-foot, and ankle.


There are two main types of cleats: plastic and metal. When it comes to youth baseball cleats, remember that Little League does not allow metal cleats for safety reasons. Plastic (molded) cleats have non-removable rubber or hard plastic cleats. They are stable, strong, and able to be worn on and off the field without a problem.


It is essential to have proper-fitting cleats. For the best-fitting baseball cleat, do not to allow more than a thumbnail’s length of space in the toe of the cleat, to give them room to grow. Cleats that are too small can hurt their feet and cause an uncomfortable distraction while they are playing.

Here at Eastbay we offer a variety of kids’ baseball cleats from brands like Nike, adidas, Under Armour, and more. So whether you are looking for your first pair of youth baseball cleats or your next great pair, check out our selection today!