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Pound the Pavement With Brooks Running Shoes

Even your worst day spent running is better than a run not taken, right? If you’re nodding your head, then Brooks running shoes may bring you that personal best you’ve been chasing.

Designed by runners, Brooks running shoes focus on the comfort and biomechanical needs of athletes, which means they've been crafted especially for you vs. everyone on the planet. Brooks knows about the countless hours you spend pounding the pavement, which is why they load their shoes with trusted technologies like Brooks DNA, a groundbreaking cushioning material for comfort and protection; Hydroflow®, used to enhance midsole cushioning and absorb and redistribute shock; BioMoGo, a midsole compound that offers a soft cushy feel, energy return, stability, and less fatigue; and Gore-Tex®, a lining that offers waterproof protection and breathability for comfort. Designed and tested by real runners, these technologies put Brooks running shoes where you want to be: at the head of the pack.

When you choose Brooks running shoes, you're preparing yourself for the win, which is why Eastbay is proud to offer a pro-grade selection.

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