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Women's Timberland Boots: A Modern Legacy

After bursting onto the scene in 1973 with the 6” Waterproof Yellow Boot, Timberland Company founder Nathan Swartz poured his passion into the business we all know today. Since its inception in the '70s, this boot business has expanded to include a full line for men, women, and children, so you can outfit everyone from the nature enthusiast to the city dweller.

Through their partnerships with only reputable manufactures, their environmental awareness, and their fervor for aiding communities, Timberland has made a name for themselves as more than just a boot company. This commitment to the world, along with their dedication to creating quality products, has set Timberland apart for years. Paired with their enthusiasm for volunteer programs and social awareness, Timberland boots have become a household name, and for women, this means far more than simply hiking boots or heavy-toed work shoes.

In the early 1990s, Timberland began expanding their line to include women's footwear, beginning with the original 6” Yellow Boot. While these fully functional boots were a needed introduction into women's fashion, Timberland did not stop there. After years of products and trends, women's Timberland boots are now as much a style choice as they are a functional one. Because of Timberland's incredible urge to create the newest looks and the most functional styles, Eastbay is proud to offer a wide selection of their women's boots to ensure that you always have quality choices at your fingertips.

The original 6" Waterproof Premium Boot and the Nellie remain popular choices to this day. The simple design and tough exterior make it the perfect boot for heading to class or hitting the trails, but Timberland has also unleashed a variety of modern takes on this classic look. The Beckwith Oxford dresses your feet for work or play with fresh plaid patterns, while the Bramhall has perfectly blended function and fashion to create a sleek, transitional boot ideal for anything from getting to the courts or stopping at the mall.

Innovative new looks are just as popular as Timberland's classic styles. The Glancy 6" has quickly become a fall favorite, with its high heel and tweed or wool patterns that add excitement and elegance to any outfit. A line of fold-down boots provides laid-back grace, no matter what they're paired with.

We have an amazing selection of Timberland women's work, hiking, and dress boots available at Eastbay, so you know we've got you covered. Whether you are into rustic chic or city elegance, you are sure to find the perfect pair to express your flair and fit your lifestyle. And while you're outfitting your feet in the latest styles, don't forget your toes! With our wide selection of Timberland socks, you'll be on point from top to bottom, so you can let your look speak for itself.