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Women's Soccer Cleats

Staying ahead of the competition on the pitch can come down to a matter of inches. When you need to take every advantage you can get, choosing the right women's soccer cleats can be the difference between off the crossbar or in the back of the net. Eastbay carries a wide variety of women's soccer cleats from top brands like adidas, Nike and PUMA.

Women's soccer cleats come in a variety of styles to fit the type of surface of the field, from indoor women's soccer cleats to aggressive firm ground women's soccer cleats. You can even follow up your game with a pair of slides to relax after giving it your all on the field.

When choosing the right women's soccer cleats, there are a few important things to consider. Lightweight women's soccer cleats are always a good choice and synthetic uppers can help keep weight to a minimum. Symmetrical lacing systems that allow for more kicking surface can help maintain better ball control and shooting power. Another key feature to consider when choosing women's soccer cleats is a design that utilizes moisture wicking materials or anti-bacterial linings. Cleat stud designs that will enhance speed and traction on the field are also important to consider when choosing women's soccer cleats.

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