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Don't want to read a treadmill-buying guide? Still want to know what features to look for in a treadmill? We've got you covered. Here's a basic breakdown of the most important treadmill features, an introduction to the best and most popular treadmill brands (from entry-level to high-end), and the health benefits of using a treadmill. Whether you're training for the upcoming sports season or just staying in shape, treadmills can help you increase your cardiovascular health and overall fitness level.

What are the most important treadmill features? Great question! One of the most important parts of a treadmill is the drive system, which is hidden from sight, but greatly influences your workout experience. With motor performance determined by revolutions of the motor axle per minute (RPM) or by horsepower, the drive system influences how powerful, quiet, smooth, and durable the treadmill is. Generally, low-RPM treadmills are quieter and place less stress on the motor than high-RPM treadmills do.

As for technological features (the fun stuff), what features are most important is determined by your preferences. Entry-level treadmills usually offer the most essential features while high-end treadmills may provide the essentials, some extra entertainment, and more. Most treadmills (from beginner models to advanced) provide a wireless chest strap (heart rate monitor), cushioning system, computer monitor to easily select your workout and track exercise stats, preset workouts, and the ability to adjust the treadmill's incline/decline. More advanced and high-end treadmills may offer iFit compatibility or be iFit enabled, have Wifi compatibility, include heart rate monitor censors, or have a space-saving design. While most of the advanced features are not essential, they can make your fitness experience more enjoyable and help you track exercise statistics and overall progress.

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