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Exercise Bikes

Exercise bikes, a staple in gyms and cardio classes, have numerous benefits for your health and fitness. Aside from burning calories and increasing muscle tone and stamina, exercising on a bike is known to be easy on the joints ? making it especially popular for training athletes. You can easily change up your normal workout routine with exercising on a bike, as most modern exercise bikes let you choose a level at which you'd like to ride, putting you in control.

If a bike has iPod and WiFi compatibility, is iFit enabled, or contains heart rate monitor censors, display monitors, and preset workouts, it offers a customizable workout. Modern exercise bikes are known for their space-saving design, allowing for convenient use in your own home. Choose from our selection of bikes from Reebok, ProForm, and FreeMotion for the model that best suits your workout needs. Below is a breakdown of each different model of bike.

Upright Bikes

An upright, stationary bike is designed like a traditional road bike, where you sit well above the bike frame. It typically uses magnetic resistance, which is smooth and has minimal inertia. This provides a low-impact workout, making it safe for a range of skill levels. Upright bikes are probably the most popular in terms of exercise bikes and are an easy way to meet your cardio goals.

Recumbent Bikes

Becoming increasingly popular, recumbent bikes are an easy way to relax and get your cardio at the same time. Featuring a larger seat and upright back support, this type of model is a favorite for low-impact exercise with maximum results. If you are looking for the results of an upright bike, but prefer a reclined, more comfortable position, a recumbent bike is an excellent option to meet your goals.

Indoor Cycles

Originally designed for group spinning classes, indoor cycles simulate the experience of riding an outdoor bike. Made with steel frames and heavy flywheels, these bikes are built for the rider to stand up and pedal in order to make the workout more challenging. Indoor cycles use more inertia, making your workout much more intense in comparison to exercising on an upright or recumbent bike. The Le Tour de France Indoor Cycle is one of the most high-tech, high-end models we carry. It allows you to get world-class training in the comfort of your own home.

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