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Timberland boots are one of the most respected and well-known boots in the world. The Timberland Company was founded in 1952 in Abington, Massachusetts as the Abington Shoe Company by Nathan Swartz. In 1960, the Swartz family introduced injection-molding technology into the footwear industry, an innovation that has remained a popular production process.

The Timberland name was introduced in 1973 and the name was officially changed due to the popularity of the new Timberland boots. In the late 1970s Timberland began manufacturing other footwear, including boat shoes and casual shoes.

Along with producing popular hiking boots, all-weather boots, apparel and accessories, Timberland has become popular amongst streetwear and hip-hop fashion thanks to dozens of rappers not only wearing Timberland boots, but mentioning of the brand in their lyrics as well. Timberland's "wheat" color has also been mimicked by other footwear companies on a number of occasions.

In 1998, Timberland announced the Timberland Pro line of work boots designed as "workboots for professionals" that featured premium materials and more durable design aspects. Timberland has since moved further into casual footwear with their designs while maintaining the popular line of Timberland boots, with the "6 inch Timbs" being one of their most popular models. Timberland recently began producing eco-friendly designs under the Timberland Earthkeeper namesake.


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