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There are only eight seconds left and your team is down by one. It's your chance to shine bright, but do you have the elite performance basketball shoes you need put the team on your back and grab the victory? Don't waste your hard-earned skills on average shoes. This holiday season is your chance to get the shoes that highlight your game and help you become the star.

Whether you're a dominant big man, slashing guard, deadly shooter or somewhere in between, your shoes should fit your personal style. The look of the shoe is the first thing people notice when you step on the court, so they should reflect who you are and how you play. That's why we provide the most styles and colors in the market — so you can find the shoe that fits you. The features you need in a shoe are determined by your style of play and your position. Generally, smaller players will play in low tops or mids because they promote quickness, agility, and abrupt directional changes. Larger players will typically play in mids, mids with an ankle brace, or high tops. These alternatives provide the ankle support and stability that bigger players need around the rim without limiting their athleticism, quickness, and explosiveness.

Basketball shoes continue to become more advanced from a technical aspect. Companies are finding innovative ways to make shoes more stable, comfortable, and safe, while making them lighter and promoting greater athleticism on the court. Eastbay is proud to carry a large selection of the most innovative and performance-enhancing basketball shoes available. Found a pair you want this holiday? Add it to your Wish List and send it to your family and friends. If you're shopping for someone else and can't decide which pair to buy (there's a lot to pick from) you can't go wrong with a GiftCard.

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