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Strength Shoe

Strength Shoe

The Strength Shoe has continued to be a hot seller for years. With Strength training shoes' patented design, athletes have been stepping up their game since the Strength Shoe was first developed in early 1970s. Strength Shoes use a lowered, fixed panel on the sneaker to place 100% of your body's weight on the calf muscles.

Strength Training shoes will add a force of up to six times your body's weight upon impact. The overload that the Strength Shoes place on your calves and tendons creates great impact on your power and speed. Strength Shoes can increase your vertical jump up to 10 inches, lower your 40-yard dash time by two tenths of a second and improve your lower leg strength and flexibility.

The Strength Shoe will also improve your anaerobic power up to 500% and increase your calf size up to 2 inches. Athletes at all levels searching for an edge are looking to Strength Shoes for that added bit of performance that separates the good from the great. The time is now for you to "Get Up In The Game" with Strength Shoes.