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Skylar Diggins
Guard – Tulsa

Copywriter, A. Arthur

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“I’m a finesse player,” Skylar states. “Silky southpaw, if you will. There are a lot of floaters to my game, drive and kicks, and I love to play defense.”


After helping lead her Washington high school team to four consecutive state championship games, Skylar chose to stay close to home and continued her basketball career at the University of Notre Dame. The South Bend, Indiana native soon became a key player there and was being recognized across the nation for her skill and the headband she wore during games. In 2013, Skylar graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Management-Entrepreneurship and was drafted 3rd overall by Tulsa.


As Tulsa rebuilt its roster, Skylar’s rookie campaign showed glimpses of stardom, and the team recorded its first double-digit-win season since the franchise relocated from Detroit. Preparing to win in 2014, Skylar is training as hard as ever in hopes of leading Tulsa to the playoffs.. “Every time I walk into the gym, I’m training to get better,” Skylar says. “My workout routine includes strength training, such as weights, and high-intensity cardio. I also use circuits a lot and you’ll see me doing battle ropes. I’m always thinking about the things I do in the game. When I do high-intensity training, I jump a lot and do lateral movements. Ultimately, what I want to do is get better and win.”


While being known for having a competitive drive and stellar on-court capabilities, Skylar is also famous for her flashy fashion sense. Her in-game headband look has drawn many fans and followers, crowning her the unofficial queen of #headbandnation. “I started wearing this tie headband in college,” Skylar explains. “Not a lot of people were wearing it, so I wanted to be different. People started noticing me and they associated the tie headband with me. When we would travel across the country to play different teams, I would see little girls in the stands wearing the headband. I’m not the person who started it, but I definitely helped make it popular.”


While championing her professional look, Skylar still finds the fun in fashion. With a smile on her face, she admits, “my off-court style is tomboy chic. For me, it’s all about being able to do multiple things. I love to be comfortable, but at the same time I like to incorporate style. I love bright colors – pinks, oranges, and lime greens.”


As her skill and style make a statement, she wants to help inspire young girls. “Strive for your dreams,” Skylar states. “It’s not about being the best, but being your best. When you think about something being possible, it turns into being probable and then predictable. But, it always starts with hard work.”


As Skylar graces our cover and prepares for the upcoming season, you can style up like her with the Nike Tie Headband.


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