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Give Winter The Boot

There comes a time when sneakers are just not going to cut it. Not because their presence is inappropriate (never the case, in our opinion), but for their own well-being.

And that time is winter.

Snow, rain, and dare we say, sleet — the mortal enemies of footwear — wreak havoc on stylish leather and suede uppers, seep through mesh detailing, and stain anything left untreated. So, how do you solve this sneaker conundrum? Easy. Design footwear built to withstand the elements, keep out the cold, and never sacrifice your sense of style.

Enter one of footwear's oldest and most famous styles: the boot.

Gone are the days when boots meant clomping around in oversized rubber contraptions (unless that's your thing). Classic styles have been updated with sleeker silhouettes, fashionable materials, and cutting-edge technologies, so staying warm and stylish is never an either-or situation.

At Eastbay, we carry a wide assortment of boot styles: tall, short, chukka, snow, rain, and everything in between. If you live in a cold climate with harsh winters, or do a lot of off-roading, tall snow boots with amped-up, insulating technology are your best bet. Brands like The North Face, Bogs, Columbia, Timberland, and Sorel are just a few of our favorites that offer a range of styles to keep you warm and dry all season long. Insulation like PrimaLoft® and Neo-Tech™ are excellent ways to lock in warmth and provide waterproof protection, while linings like fleece and faux fur add a cozy element to your boots.

If you're not an off-roader, simple and classic styles might be your go-to winter staple. Brands like Timberland, Nike ACG, and UGG have mastered this corner of the market with their iconic silhouettes. The Timberland 6” Boot is one of the best-known boots of its kind – resulting in numerous knockoffs, but never truly replicated. Nike ACG's Goadomes and Manoas are also front-runners in the work-inspired boot category, boasting rugged materials and plush cushioning. Even UGG's classic sheepskin boots, while certainly not suitable for mountainous treks, have become synonymous with style and unbeatable warmth.

Boots have earned their style credentials, and are a respectable and fashionable footwear choice, even when the weather is mild. Brands like Clarks, Lugz, and Stacy Adams have taken the typical boot style and reworked it into fresh, stylish dress boots that give your sneakers some competition in your closet. So, whether you need protection on a hike, recess-ready warmth, or a stylish way to navigate slick city streets, check out our huge assortment of boots to help you face the cold head on.