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Choosing the Running Shoe Right for You

Running shoes can come in wide variety of styles designed for different types of running styles. Generally speaking, there are 3 major categories that can help differentiate between the way people run including underpronate runners, normal pronate runners, and flat footed runners. A runner who underpronates has feet that roll outwards as they run, and do not absorb shock naturally.

This is typically a runner with a high arch in their foot, and is typically going to want a neutral and cushioned running shoe that also offers a decent amount of flexibility. A runner who has normal pronation, or slightly overpronates, meaning your feet roll inward when you run, is going to want to look for moderate cushioning and stability that allows your foot work naturally.

For runners that have flat feet, who typically overpronate, you will want to look for a motion-control, or stability shoe with relatively firm cushioning.

Consider the Details
Once you have decided on which type of running shoe is right for you, there are many features to consider. Running shoes can be designed with many different uses in mind. Minimalist running shoes are designed to mimic the way your foot moves naturally. They are very lightweight and feature very little cushioning for those looking for a barefoot running feel. On the other end of the spectrum, trail running shoes typically feature extensive cushioning, and aggressive trade patterns designed for those that prefer a more challenging terrain.

Some common features to consider for running shoes include, breathable materials to keep your feet cool and comfortable, a minimal amount of stitching or seams in the toebox area to avoid irritation, anti-microbial and moisture wicking materials used on the inside of the running shoes, and a durable outsole.

Run with a Purpose
Running is an enjoyable pastime and also one of the best activities you can participate in to improve your overall health. If you are one of those motivated individuals, you know how important it is to wear the proper running shoe for your unique type of foot. Without the correct running shoe your feet are more susceptible to common running injuries. Here at Eastbay we offer the largest variety of mens's, women's, and kids' running shoes. Eastbay offers running shoes in a wide array of styles and brands so you can find the perfect pair that will fit your specific foot type.