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Nike Soccer Cleat Technology Explained

Innovation is part of Nike’s DNA – one of the reasons elite players trust their game with the Swoosh. When Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, or Iniesta lace up the latest Nike soccer cleats, they’re not just wearing the newest style – they’re equipping themselves with game-changing technology. To help you find the cleat that’s the best fit for your playing style and field conditions, we break down Nike’s most popular soccer technologies and explain how each can help you prepare to win on the field.

Introduced in Nike soccer cleats in 2014, this 3D knit upper changes the look and feel of soccer cleats. Made from a single thread, it provides a sock-like, second-skin fit that improves touch, control, and finishing.

All Conditions Control (ACC)
If you play in wet conditions, ACC technology is a must. Introduced in 2012, All Conditions Control treatment helps the cleat maintain the same level of friction on the ball in both wet and dry conditions. What does that mean? ACC treatment helps repel water and improve foot-to-ball touch and control, so it seems like you’re playing in perfectly dry conditions – even if you’re not.

Designed with attacking players in mind, NikeSkin is a lightweight, seemingly paper-thin upper. The innovative material eliminates unnecessary layers to offer a more natural touch and precise control, passing, and finishing. While it offers a little less protection than traditional cleats, NikeSkin’s benefits outweigh any potential risks for attacking midfielders and strikers who are determined to score.

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