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Mike Trout
Centerfielder - Los Angeles

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As a young ball player, Mike Trout looked up to Derek Jeter for making the big plays and having the ability to change the game. Now, Mike is riding high after an incredible rookie season, which included an All-Star Game appearance (and lunch with Jeter!), an award for 2012 AL Rookie of the Year, and an Eastbay cover. Not too bad for this fan turned pro.


Mike told us that his love for Eastbay started young. "When I needed cleats or batting gloves, I had my mom subscribe to the magazine." He ordered his first pair of cleats at what he guesses was just seven years old, and now he's on the cover of the catalog that helped start his young baseball career. "It's crazy. To think of growing up, looking at all these magazines, going online, and buying all that stuff from Eastbay. Now it's coming in the mail with me on the cover… It just feels awesome."


When we met Mike at his local training facility, he was ready to work. The Angels' centerfielder does some serious weight training in the offseason — routines not typical of his sport. "In the offseason, you want to get that strength back. You want to wake up hardly moving so you can tell yourself that you did something. It's heavy weight and trying to build up for the next year. Then during the season, I like to maintain that strength with band work, a med ball, and ab work."


Mike works out five times a week during the offseason. He tells us that his trainer breaks up the routine by mixing speed training, agility drills, and heavy lifting, depending on the day. He powers through this demanding routine in a pair of Nike trainers and Dri-FIT® clothing. "I like to feel comfortable, loose, and not too heavy. Other shirts, when you start sweating, the shirt gets heavy. Dri-FIT keeps you dry. Sweat all you want. It's not one that sticks to you. It stays light."


Where is Mike hoping to be in the future? "I want to win a World Series and individually be the best in the league every year. That's been one of my goals since I was a kid. For now, get off to a good start in 2013 and never look back."

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