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Miguel Cabrera
Third Base - Detroit

Copywriter, B. Schumacher

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Miguel Cabrera burst onto the scene in 2003 as an uber-talented 20-year-old rookie. His impact on the game was immediate, hitting a walk-off home run in his first major league game. Since then, he has posted all-time great numbers, including 30 home runs in nine different seasons, winning the Triple Crown in 2012, and nearly winning it again in 2013 on his way to back-to-back MVP awards. Cabrera is the first player since Carl Yastrzemski in 1967 to win the Triple Crown by leading the league in batting average, home runs, and runs batted in.


His phenomenal numbers and consistency arguably make him the best hitter of his generation. “To be a consistent hitter you have to work hard every day,” says Cabrera. “It doesn’t matter if you have two games in one day, you still have to get in work to be consistent.”


With a career batting average of .321 and 100 runs scored in seven of his 11 seasons, it's clear that Cabrera's consistency has paid off. Like all of the greats, he has a relentless pursuit of perfection and trains at an elite level. For his training and playing, he turns to New Balance to deliver the performance he needs. “My New Balance cleats give me great comfort and they have really good traction in the field and at the plate,” said Cabrera.


In 2014, Cabrera will be sporting his New Balance cleats as he attempts to become only the second player in MLB history to win three straight MVP awards.

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