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K-Swiss: The Classics Reimagined

K-Swiss embodies the idea of a high-quality tennis shoe in all aspects. Beyond that, it's the American heritage of tennis shoes. Originally inspired by two avid skiing Swiss brothers who moved to California, the K-Swiss Classic became the first all-leather tennis shoe. The sports' common need for a snug, stable, and comfortable shoe that supports aggressive side-to-side movements transformed an idea into a leading full-family tennis shoe brand since 1966.

Since the introduction of the K-Swiss Classic, the innovation and development of the brand and shoes has kept it as a leader in the industry. Naturally, things change over time, and so has K-Swiss, but it has kept the qualities that inspired and powered K-Swiss. And it's done all that, while integrating new designs and stylistic features.

The trademark stripes on K-Swiss footwear became renowned during its growth in popularity, and they distinguish the brand from its competitors. Its purpose on the popular K-Swiss Classic VN (the upgraded model of the original K-Swiss Classic)) and Lozan III is for support, tied in with the medal D-rings that extend from the stripes and hold the laces firmly for a snug, comfortable fit. Another feature the Classic VN offers is the three-piece toe, which contributes additional support for lateral movements. These elements provide you with performance when you need it and style from the first step to the last.

Through the entrepreneurial mindset of the brand, K-Swiss was able to explore and integrate itself into many different sports. And because of its ability to diversify, K-Swiss has provided numerous athletes with award-winning products and has been a staple of athletic footwear for over the course of nearly 50 years. Today, K-Swiss has branched into many facets of not only athletic footwear, but lifestyle footwear, all while maintaining its high quality and stylistic appeal. The classic approach holds together the originality, creativity, and inspirational properties that make it a classy favorite.