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Giancarlo Stanton
Right Field - Miami

Copywriter, T. Scharfenberg

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Star Advice from Giancarlo Stanton

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Despite battling through recent injuries, Giancarlo Stanton has remained a consistently powerful hitter since his big league debut in 2010. He grew up idolizing the players who performed the same way: Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa, and Barry Bonds. He grew up with Eastbay too, which is why being on our cover was such an experience for Giancarlo. "I subscribed as a kid, so I saw those magazines every month… to be on the cover and have kids seeing me, it's a big deal."


Now, Giancarlo is giving back to other young Eastbay athletes with advice on getting to the same level. If you're looking to hit for power like Giancarlo, he says, "You've got to stay down, stay grounded. You've got to really drill yourself into the ground and rotate." If you're dream is to be a start outfielder: "Have good instincts, know your pitcher on the mound, as well as the hitter, the plan that he has, and what type of hitter he is. During batting practice, getting those live reads in is important."


As far as getting to the top of the league, Giancarlo gives some of the credit to having played other sports in high school. "I feel like all the football conditioning put me a step ahead as an outfielder and being agile on the basketball court help for quick movements and explosiveness." He adds it's important to have the everyday dedication to the game, no matter what you're playing. If you're trying to make it, that's how to do it.

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