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When is comes to contact sports, football is one of the most fun but also one of the most dangerous. Football pads are the most important part of a player's uniform. The right football pads offer protection from injury that keep you or your young star on the field and enjoying the game. Eastbay carries a large selection of football pads from top brands like Brain Pad Inc., Cutters, Douglas, McDavid, Nike, Schutt and many more.

Although the most common form of football pads is set of shoulder pads, there are a number of types of football pads that offer various forms of protection from injury. For some the correct choice of football pads may be a 7-piece universal pad set that can be added to a football uniform. Rib vests and back plates are also a great form of football pads that offer protection to the mid section of the body. Elbow pads, bicep pads and padded forearm sleeves offer protection to often-exposed arms. Whatever type of football pads you are looking for, there are two key points to look for. First, it is important that football pads offer impact protection. Second, it is important for football pads to be lightweight and non-restrictive, so they allow you to perform at the top of your game.

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