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Known for their lightweight, custom-molded protective gear, EvoShield caters to athletes in a variety of major sports like football, baseball, softball, and lacrosse.

EvoShield's claim to fame is their innovative Gel-to-Shell technology. This protective padding can be found in many of their products, from batting gloves to football compression.

When the soft Gel-to-Shell foam pads come in contact with the air, they begin to harden. This allows athletes to place the foam in their EvoShield clothing or equipment, wear the product for a short time, and get back solid protection. After the pads have become form-fitted, they are forever rigid and custom-molded to athletes' bodies. Through this technology, EvoShield has created some of the lightest and most mobile protection available.

Tested and proven in the pros, EvoShield is now an authentic brand of pro baseball. Their on-field accessories are available in a wide variety of team colors. They're maxing out the protection in football too with Robert Griffin III leading the charge. And for dedicated athletes off the field, Eastbay carries a variety of EvoShield clothing too.

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