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No matter what sport you play, the modern-day athlete is always on the move and susceptible to a variety of injuries. Luckily, ankle brace technology exists to help you recover quicker and protect, support, and even prevent injuries from impacting your game.

Most ankle injuries are categorized as sprains. Sprains differ in degree of severity, and as a result, usually have different rehabilitation techniques. Eastbay currently offers ankle braces ranging from wraps and stabilizers to full braces. A third of the ankle braces available at Eastbay are made by McDavid; a company that specializes in protective apparel for athletes. The secret to McDavid's success is patented Hex Technology - lightweight hexagon cells which conform to the body and provide different levels of support to the areas most affected by the injury. Whether you need an ankle brace for an existing injury or prevention, Eastbay's selection of ankle braces is sure to meet your needs.

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