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Dane Fletcher:
Linebacker – New England

Copywriter: J. Sisko | Photographers: H. Garski, A. Stempniak | Videographer: C. Wild

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Dane Fletcher Is On A Training Mission

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Dane Fletcher was born in Bozeman, Mont. and played football, baseball, and ice hockey in high school. He signed with New England in 2010 as a free agent and made the difficult transition to linebacker after playing defensive end at Montana State University. Fletcher was one of only two undrafted rookies to make New England’s opening day roster that season. Since he went pro, Fletcher has recorded 55 career tackles and 2 sacks in 23 games, including Super Bowl XLVI.


Even though he suffered a torn ACL in 2012, Fletcher was able to finalize a deal to return to New England in January 2013. His teammates say he doesn't quit on any play, so don't expect Fletcher to be giving up on the game any time soon. His recovery is on a positive course for his return as a key backup and core special-teams player. The fourth-year pro says he’s a big believer in and believes that his sport- and position-specific workouts will help him get back to where he needs to be.


Dane Fletcher brings a high level of commitment to his game, but he doesn't do it all on his own. He likes to train with his teammates to maintain a pro-level of intensity during his workout sessions. He also relies on top-quality training gear like the kind you find at Eastbay!


“My experience with Eastbay has always been pretty cool," says Fletcher. "When I was six or seven I ordered my first pair of baseball cleats for Tee Ball from Eastbay."

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