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Reebok Z Pump Fusion

Reebok ZPump Fusion

Custom shoes aren't just for professional athletes anymore. Now, with Reebok's ZPump Fusion, you can have a running shoe made to conform to the exact shape of your foot and cushioning enhanced for your needs

Featuring an air bladder that wraps around the top of the midfoot, the ZPump Fusion allows you to customize the fit of your running shoes every time you lace them up. Simply press The Pump as many times as you need, inflating the bladder until you reach peak comfort and lockdown level. To deflate, simple release air by pressing on the rear button.

Further upping the ZPump Fusion's performance factor is the smooth, seamless Fusion Sleeve upper. It provides a breathable compression fit that fuses the Pump midsole to your foot, holding everything in place while keeping you dry, fresh, and comfortable.

Your custom ride wouldn't be complete without high-speed handling. That's why the outsole of the ZPump Fusion is made with a ZRated design. Inspired by high-performance racing tires, this outsole is built to help you handle curves at top speed, keeping you agile enough to dodge puddles and other walkers and runners, as well as change directions at the drop of a hat, or cross the finish well ahead of your competition.

With sports cars laced to your feet and your very own personalized air bags, there's nothing you can't handle!

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