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adidas Crazy Light

The adidas Crazy Light collection features a variety of products including shorts, jerseys, and shoes engineered to minimize weight while maintaining quality, durability, and strength. The star of the collection is the new adidas Crazy Light 3 shoes. The adidas Crazy Light 3 is lighter this year but still offers the same cushioning and durability you've come to expect.

Down from 9.5 ounces to 9.4 ounces, the adidas Crazy Light 3 delivers unrivaled lightweight design. A new, multidirectional, and multi-height wavebone rubber outsole allows quicker cuts and directional changes for athletes whose game is predicated on excelling in the open court. The 3D molded foam midsole cushions your step and absorbs impact shock, so hard cuts and explosive jumps don't take a toll on your feet. The new 3D molded toecap offers additional protection so your feet stay fresh. The adidas Crazy Light 3 increases your ability to be quick off the dribble and light on your feet for quick lateral movements to stay in front of your opponent.

In addition to these upgrades, the Crazy Light 3 retains what made its predecessor so great. It continues the welded SprintWeb frame, enhancing foot breathability and delivering lightweight stability. The translucent SprintFrame aids in the shoe's ability to provide lightweight support and breathability for a player who needs long lasting comfort and protection. Also unchanged from the previous model, the adidas Crazy Light 3 uses a series of ventilation panels on the upper to minimize the weight of the shoe and increase airflow to your feet to keep them cool and dry until the final buzzer. The non-marking rubber and enhanced traction pattern outsole promote ultra-quick movement for a more effective first step. The adidas Crazy Light 3 is also miCoach compatible. At 9.5oz, it's light done right.