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Fielder's Choice

Crack! The batter drills a sharp two-hopper up the middle. The man on third sprints for home and the man on first is in a mad dash for second. Coming out of double-play depth you field the ball cleanly at the edge of the grass. What do you do? Do you fire it home, hoping to stop the runner from scoring? Or do you flip it to the shortstop for what should be an easy double play? It’s a classic fielder’s choice scenario and the answer is wholly dependent on the situation.

Baseball, a team sport made up of individual feats of physical and mental skill, is 100% dependent on preparation and situational awareness. Do you have the tools and the knowledge to succeed? Are you ready to make a split-second decision that could determine the fate of the game? Have you put in the time and work needed to execute that decision? Are you prepared to win?

At Eastbay, we’ve built Fielder’s Choice for the sole purpose of giving you the tools to be the best you can be. Whether you’re on the mound or in the box, in center field, behind the plate, or in the cage working to earn a spot on the team, Fielder’s Choice has got you covered — from spring training all the way through the playoffs. So go ahead, find the gear that’s right for you, make that season-saving play, and be a hero!

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