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Finding The Right Baseball Glove

On defense, your greatest tool is your glove. The right one can make the tough plays easier. But choosing the correct glove can be a daunting task with so many options out there. Luckily, Eastbay is here to help! No matter where you line up on the diamond, we'll narrow down what you should look for and direct you to some of the top gloves on the market.

Let's start behind the plate with catcher's mitts. Obviously, these are different from other types of gloves, with a much larger shape and lots of extra padding to help you withstand blazing fastballs and snag nasty sliders. Many mitts have extended pocket lengths to help catchers scoop pitches out of the dirt. Some of our top catcher's mitts include the Marucci Founders Series, a truly elite option that is built to last a long time and keep you comfortable, and the Rawlings Gamer GCM33CX, an affordable option that breaks-in easily.

The other mitts on the diamond are built for first basemen. Just like catcher's mitts, they do not contain spots for individual fingers. Longer than infield gloves for snagging low throws, most first base mitts usually are measured from the wrist to the tip in the 12.5-13" range . Popular models like the Rawlings Heart of the Hide and Mizuno Classic Pro GXF28 are structured to provide added support throughout the fingers to give you the reliability you need when stretching out to make tough catches.

Infielders play a huge role on defense, so it's no wonder that there are numerous types of gloves for them to choose from. Usually between 11-12," many of these gloves feature open webbing so dirt doesn't get trapped within the glove when you get ready to throw the ball. The Wilson A2K Datdude is the game-day model of Cincinnati second baseman Brandon Phillips, and it utilizes rolled dual welting for a durable shape and a quicker break-in. The SSK Player Series, glove-of-choice for Pablo Sandoval, is built from only the finest Japanese Steerhide to give you a reliable and comfortable fit.

Unlike infielder gloves, most pitchers' gloves usually have closed webbing in order to hide their grip on the ball from batters. Comfort. Control. Durability. These glove characteristics are essential to those who step onto the mound and it's why gloves like the Rawlings Gamer G204CX and the Mizuno MVP Prime GMVP1200P1 stand out. Pro-soft leather in the Gamer and oil soft plus leather in the Prime give pitchers the exceptional fit and feel they need.

Finally, outfield gloves also have a special design. To help outfielders grab fly balls while diving and scoop up ground balls without bending over, these gloves are longer than infielder and pitcher models. The Marucci Founders Series glove uses double lace reinforcement for heightened strength and durability while the Wilson A2000 OT6 features man-made Super Skin material for lightweight performance.

So now that you know a little more about the differences in baseball gloves, browse Eastbay and find the right one for you. We have more brands and styles than anyone else. Want to wear the same glove that your favorite player does? No one has more player-edition gloves than us either. But we have a lot more than just gloves. From the latest baseball bats to cleats, we have the equipment you need to dominate on the diamond.