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You're in the right place of the widest selection of baseball bats, no matter what size, style, or material you prefer to swing. If you're choosing an alloy bat, look for a higher-end metal, like scandium. This will provide thinner bat walls that result in a lighter bat.

This makes alloy a great choice for younger athletes or those looking for lighter, faster swings. Composite bats are built for elite-level performance. Since composite materials have fine-tuned amounts of flex, less energy is lost on the swing. This energy is, instead, pushed into the hit to send the ball further. Playing in a wood bat league instead? Eastbay has tons of wood bats too, whether you prefer maple, ash, or even bamboo. These bats give that classic pop sound and allow players to really customize their swing.

Choosing a size for your bat can be difficult. Look to the weight ratio (or drop) for some guidance. This number represents the difference between the weight and the length of your bat. For example, a bat that is 34 inches long and weighs 29 ounces would have a -5 weight ratio. Choosing the right ratio is entirely up to how the bat feels in your hands.

A balanced bat has the weight evenly dispersed throughout its length. They usually feel easier to swing, and are good for players that need to keep their form at top shape. Most batters find a balanced bat to have more control of your swing. An end-loaded bat, on the other hand, has the weight pushed toward the end of the barrel. This is recommended for power hitters, those with enough upper body strength to swing it properly, without sacrificing their form. The end result can be faster, stronger hits with some extra inertia and power behind them.

Many of Eastbay's bats are available for multiple league regulations. A BBCOR bat is measured with the Batted Ball Coefficient of Restitution. Essentially, it measures the amount of flex a bat contains and the amount of energy it puts into your hits. More flex will sling the ball off the bat at a faster rate. To keep the game from getting to dangerous, BBCOR was created. It is now the standard for all high school and college baseball bats. If you're not a BBCOR player yet, Eastbay also carries plenty of youth and senior league bats, often in the same models as adult bats.

To find your perfect bat, check out Eastbay's selection of top brands: Louisville Slugger, DeMarini, Easton, Marucci, Rawlings, and more. They'll have you swinging for the fences in no time.

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