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ASICS was founded in 1977 with the merger of three companies, GTO, a sportswear manufacturer, Jelenk, a knitwear manufacturer, and Onitsuka, a footwear manufacturer. The name ASICS came from the Latin phrase Anima Sana Corpore Sano, which means a sound mind in a sound body.
Their history in performance athletic shoes dates back to 1942, when the Onitsuka brand was founded by Kihachiro Onitsuka to create athletic shoes for the youth of Japan after the war. He believed that by participating in sports would help the rehabilitation of the country.

Onitsuka, now known as ASICS, would pioneer technologies in the 1940s and 1950s, introducing the elements like the sunken sole, inspired by the tentacle of an octopus, which aided in grip. The company was also one the first to pay attention to the needs of a runner and introduced the breathable Magic Runner style in 1959, which had ventilation holes all around the midsole, designed to dissipate heat. The company was also one of the first to create a running shoe that became popular to wear casually, with the Marup Nylon silhouette in 1967.

The ASICS logo, which came from the Tiger brand the company acquired in 1957, is one of the design elements that make ASICS shoes easily recognizable. However, in the late 1950s and 1960s, the logo also served another purpose. The leather "stripes" were actually designed to increase midfoot support.

Groundbreaking technology and catering to the needs of athletes has continued to be the focus for ASICS. Their GEL cushioning has become one of the most trusted running shoe cushioning systems and continues to make ASICS shoes a choice for runners. Along with ASICS shoes, the line of ASICS apparel, and specifically their running apparel, also caters to the needs of athletes. ASICS apparel features performance aspects like moisture-wicking, reflective materials for running at night, and Thermopolis, one of the softest cold-weather materials available.

Whether it-s ASICS shoes, performance aspects of ASICS apparel, or casual ASICS clothing, ASICS- focus on the athlete-s needs continues to drive the company forward with new technology discoveries.

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